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Jayden Lamb Memorial Foundation
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The Jayden Lamb Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been started to not only honor my son, Jayden, but to also help families heal after they have lost a child to cancer. The goal of our organization is to send families on a vacation of their choice to get away and have some time with their spouse and/or children. Having lost a child to cancer, we know that a vacation is something that will never replace the feeling of losing a child, but it is our hope that they are able to take their mind off of the families everyday life. Losing Jayden, we know how hard it is to walk by his room and see all of his belongings knowing that he will never come home to it again. Getting away won't take away the pain, but it may make the hurt a little less for a short period of time. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the foundation through the purchase of a JLMF item or donated to our cause. We have been searching for families and have already began sending families on trips. It is an honor to put the funds that have been contributed by our followers to help these families. We know that there are many families that have experienced a loss of a child through this horrific disease and there are many parents that are suffering right now due to the loss of their child. 

All donations are tax deductible!

Thank you,

Tom Lamb


Our Little Warrior

Jayden was, and is, our little warrior. This video represents his journey during the time he was sick. This was given to us by an individual whose name we do not have, but thank you for this BEAUTIFUL piece of work!! 

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